I traveled Shikoku this May.

I traveled Shikoku this May. I went out with a colleague at work at a ferry, car with the aim of opening the Golden Week. First of all, I landed in Ehime prefecture, I will take a rest at Matsuyama's Botchan hot spring and put it at a cheap price. Start swimming in here and start full-scale travel, aim is to Kagawa prefecture. I will stay at Sakaide overnight and finally eat Sanuki Udon noodle for walking. I studied in advance, jumped into a noodle shop that I saw, and I got a strict condition of paying all the people who lost the team and the scissors, I lost two consecutive times, but this is a good memory. Udon is simple udon noodles, udon noodles called bukkake, udon noodles with noodles, and toppings such as eggs and tempura sticks. There were plenty of shops that could have a queue and there were shops that were quiet. Closing the store as soon as you open the shop and noodles disappearing, so it seems that there is not much business going on because it is Saturday and Sunday. Well I commemorate Kim Da Ryo as a memorial. Here, where the Emperor Emperor Takemitsu lost in the war of Kimoto-son was enshrined, I did not know until it came. I was able to eat, and I went to and it was a funny Shikoku good.